World War II American General Officers' Project



A project dedicated to the study of the American General Officer and the preservation of their original uniforms, flags and medals.

General Lewie Merritt 

 America had just been at war with Germany for less than one month, General (then Col.) Lewie Merritt was assigned to the U.S. Embassy as Air Attach’e in London England. While in England Merritt was ordered by Headquarters Marine Corps on a Top Secret mission to study allied military tactics for implementation into the Marine Corps. While en-route to a secret location in North Africa his British Wellington bomber was shot down by German anti-aircraft artillery. Surviving the crash, Merritt found himself deep behind enemy lines and under intense enemy fire.  Merritt and the rest of the bombers crew was eventually rescued by a British Army armored unit. This event gave General Merritt the distinct honor of being the first U.S. officer to be shot down in the European Theater during World War II.

General Merritt went on to command the Forth Marine Air Wing in the Central Pacific, and the 1st Marine Aircraft wing, and Commander Aircraft, Northern Solsmons. General Merritt was the only Marine Aviator that fought in both the ETO and Pacific theaters during World War II.




Uniform of General Merritt