World War II American General Officers' Project



A project dedicated to the study of the American General Officer and the preservation of their original uniforms, flags and medals.

General Terry Allen  

General Terry Allen was one of America's most colorful and controversial Generals of WWII.   General Allen was fiercely loyal to his men and would not pull any punches when it came to confrontations with his superiors.  It is well known that his superior, General Omar Bradley, was not an advocate for General Allen's style of leadership, but even General Bradley could not deny the end battle results.

During operation Husky with two columns of Axis tanks bearing down on the town of Gela hoping to cut the American infantry off at the beach, General Allen, who always commanded from the front, pushed his division to repel the attack. Leading General Omar Bradley to say “I question whether any other U.S. division could have repelled that charge in time to save the beach from tank penetration. Only the perverse Big Red One with it's no less perverse commander was both hard and experienced enough to take that assault in stride. A greener division might have panicked and seriously embarrassed the landing."

General Allen returned to the U.S. in 1943 and was put in command of the 104th "Timber Wolf" division giving Allen the distinction of being the only American General to train and lead in combat two different divisions, the 1st and the 104th.  Through Allen's leadership and upon seeing the combat success of the 104th, General Allen’s old nemesis Omar Bradley said, " I just want to tell you that this 104th infantry division of yours, they’re ranked with the 1st and 9th as the finest combat divisions in the ETO."