World War II American General Officers' Project



A project dedicated to the study of the American General Officer and the preservation of their original uniforms, flags and medals.

Commodore Andrew G. Bisset 

The Pacific war often found the Seabees in close support of invasion forces, taking part in unloading supplies, and quickly constructing or restoring harbors, airstrips, and other facilities on newly captured islands.  Their role in such operations as the invasion of Okinawa was central in bringing the war to its close.  A record 55,000 Seabees were assigned to Okinawa and the battalions were organized into 11 regiments and 4 brigades, which, which in turn were all under the command of Commodore Andrew Bisset.  Commodore Bisset's command also included 45,000 United States Army engineers, aviation engineers, and a smaller number of British engineers. He therefore commanded 100,000 troops in all, which was the largest concentration of construction troops during the entire war.