World War II American General Officers' Project



A project dedicated to the study of the American General Officer and the preservation of their original uniforms, flags and medals.



While technically not on active duty during WWII General of the Armies John J. Pershing's influence on the war cannot be overstated. From Marshall to Patton to MacArthur most future "great" leaders of WWII were influanced in some way by Pershing's  leadership during the Mexican Border conflect, World War One (to which this uniform dates) or as Army Cheif of Staff.  These future leaders influanced by Pershing will now be called on to lead American to victory.

While Pershing's involvment in WWII would not take place on the front line in Europe, he would aide in shaping public opinion on matters such as the "Distroyers for Bases Agreement" whereby the United States sold fifty warships from WWI to the UK in exchange for lengthy leases of land on British possessions for the establishment of military bases.

in 1944, with Congress' creation of the five star rankof General of the Army, Pershing was still considered to be the highest ranking officer of the United States military as his rank was General of the Armies. Later, when asked if this made Pershing a five star star general, Secretary of War Henry Stimson commented it did not, since Pershing never wore more than four stars, but that Pershing was still to be considered senior to the present five-star generals of World War II.