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Our collection is dedicated to the study of World War II Admirals and General Officers and to tell their stories while preserving their original uniforms, flags, and medals.

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General Robert Stack

Long-time Assistant Division Commander (February, 1944 - October, 1945) and frequent task force leader, General Stack was trained especially in tank tactics during his Army career and commanded Combat Command “A” of the 1st Armored Division in the battle of Tunisia. On May 7th 1945 General Stack was in command of the 36th Division (forward) consisting of several vehicles and radios in Kufstein, Austria when a senior German aide to Hermann Goering surrendered and offered the surrender and location of Field Marshall Goering.  Major General Dahlquist commanding general of the 36th ID came to realize that the reward of capturing Goering was worth the risk, risks that included whether or not all the SS units in the area had received word of the cease fire and if there might still be Nazi fanatics willing to wage war. General Dahlquist placed General Stack in command of a task force and tasked him with locating and gaining the surrender of Goering. The task force set out and just over fifty miles into their journey arrived at Fischhorn Castle and found themselves surrounded by over fifty armed SS troops but no Goering and no desire on the SS to wage any kind of war.  Now with the help of the SS officers the task force determined that Goering was trapped on a clogged road heading to the castle. While still at the castle General Stack determined to capture Goering formed a smaller task force to aid in the recovery of Goering from the clogged Austrian roadway. This was accomplished and Goering surrendered to Stack and was then transported to 36Th HQ.  Actually Goering was eager to surrender to the Americans as the Russians were closing in and He knew his treatment would be better with the Americans.   General Stack succeeded General Dahlquist as Division Commander in October, 1945, and brought the 36th home in December.

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