World War II American General Officers' Project



A project dedicated to the study of the American General Officer and the preservation of their original uniforms, flags and medals.


     With the exception of General  Pershing’s World War I dated uniform, This collection consists of World War II dated uniforms, flags, and medals awarded for World War II service. 

                                           ******General Of The Armies****** 

John J. Pershing                       ****** Commander American Expeditioary Force WWI ******

                                               WORLD WAR TWO LEADERS: 

General Terry Allen                                                  Commander 1st and 104th Infantry Division 

General Frank Andrews                                   Commanding General European Theater of Operations

Commodore Andrew Bisset                                   Commander SeaBees South Pacific & Okinawa

General Thomas Bourke                                      Commander Artilery Division, Tawawa, and 5th Marines

General Edward Brooks                                           Commander 2nd Armored Division, VI Corps

General Holmes Dager                                              Commander CCA 4th Armored, 11th Armored

General James Doolittle                                               Commander 12th, 15th and 8th Air Force

General Ira Eaker                                                          Commanders 8th, Mediterranean Air Force

General Horace Fuller                                                         Commander 41st Infantry Division

Admiral Robert Ghormley                                                       South Pacific Area Commander

General Courtney Hodges                                                          Commander 1st Army

General Thomas Holcomb                                               17th Commandant of the Marine Corps

General George C. Kenney                                                   5TH Air Force, Southwest Pacific Air Force 

General William Kepner                                Commander 8th Fighter Command, 2nd Bomb Division, 8th Air Force


General Geoffrey Keyes                                                      Commander II Corps, 7th Army 

General Lesley McNair                                                    Commander Army Ground Forces

General Joseph McNarney                                  Supreme Allied Commander Mediteranean Theater

General William Morris Jr.                                       Commander 10th Armored Division, VI Corps

General George S. Patton Jr.                                              Commander 7th and 3rd Army

General Carl Spaatz                                                      Commander U.S. Strategic Air Force

General Lucian Truscott                                    Commander  3rd Infantry Division, VI Corps, 5th Army

General Robert Richardson                       Commander Army Forces Pacific, and Military Governor Hawaii

General Lewie Merritt                         Commander 4th And 1St Marine Air Wing, First U.S. Officer shot down in ETO

General Joseph Stilwell                                     Commander China Burman Theater & Army Ground Forces