World War II American General Officers' Project



A project dedicated to the study of the American General Officer and the preservation of their original uniforms, flags and medals.



                                           ******General Of The Armies****** 

John J. Pershing                       ****** Commander American Expeditioary Force WWI ******

                                          OUR WORLD WAR TWO LEADERS:   

General Terry Allen                                                  ** Commander 1st and 104th Infantry Division **

Commodore Andrew Bisset                                   * Commander SeaBees South Pacific & Okinawa*

General Thomas Bourke                                     ** Commander Artilery Division, Tawawa, and 5th Marines**

General Edward Brooks                                           ***Commander 2nd Armored Division, VI Corps***

General Holmes Dager                                             ** Commander CCA 4th Armored, 11th Armored **

General James Doolittle                                       **** Commander 12th, 15th and 8th Air Force ****

General Ira Eaker                                               **** Commanders 8th, Mediterranean Air Force**** 

General Dwight Eisenhower (Coming Soon) 

General Horace Fuller                                               ** Commander 41st Infantry Division ** 

Admiral Robert Ghormley                                           ***South Pacific Area Commander*** 

General Courtney Hodges                                           **** Commander 1st Army**** 

General William Kepner                          ** Commander 8th Fighter Command, 2nd Bomb Division, 8th Air Force, **


General Geoffrey Keyes                                          *** Commander II Corps, 7th Army  *

General Lesley McNair                                          *** Commander Army Ground Forces ***

General James Van Fleet                         ***** 4th Division, 90th Infantry Division, III Corps *****  

General Joseph McNarney                       **** Supreme Allied Commander Mediteranean Theater****

General William Morris Jr.                            ***Commander 10th Armored Division, VI Corps ***

General George S. Patton Jr.                                  **** Commander 7th and 3rd Army **

General Carl Spaatz                                             ** Commander U.S. Strategic Air Force****

General Lucian Truscott                          *** Commander  3rd Infantry Division, VI Corps, 5th Army ***

General Robert Richardson               **** Commander Army Forces Pacific, and Military Governor Hawaii****

General Lewie Merritt                  * Commander 4th And 1St Marine Air Wing, First U.S. Officer shot down in ETO*

General Joseph Stilwell                           **** 4-star Army Ground Forces flag**